groupCondolences to the family of Bonnie Struczewski, who passed away recently. Bonnie was the grandmother of current Eastsider Chris Loreca and former Eastsiders Jonny Cruz and Zack Struczewski. Bonnie was a huge supporter of Eastside, and always preached the positive things about youth sports and Eastside. She will be sorely missed by the entire Eastside community.

 At her wake on May 23rd, many of the current and former Eastside kids Bonnie supported showed up to pay their respects. Left to right: Nick Chiosa, Donovan Pacheco, DJ Berry, Zack Struczewski, Trevor Barg, Jonny Cruz, Unknown, Christopher Loreca.

 In addition to the young men pictured, Chris Loreca’s entire team for 2016 were there in uniform to pay their respects.

Eastside thanks Bonnie and her family for the support through the years. We also recognize the respect and consideration shown by these Eastside players at this difficult time. They epitomize the values that Eastside cherishes.”